Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Second annual in Los Angeles.

We will be selecting the best films to attend the festival with Screenings, Red carpet event and Award ceremony held May 22nd 2020

One of the 6 Selected films will receive Theatrical Distribution in Los Angeles for an entire week with Fourwalled our Sponsor. The filmmaker will also collect ticket sales based on Fourwalled's agreement.

➨ The number of Awards given out depend on submissions.

Note: Not all winning films will screen but will be invited to attend the festival.

Note:  All film God  films will screen) ZEUS, POSEIDON, ATHENA,ARTEMIS, APHRODITE, and APOLLO.

➨ The winning chosen films will be screened with 5 other Selected films competing for the yearly award, each film receives a unique God of Olympus trophy
1 of 6 engraved chosen by our judges.

Other (Selected) winning films in other selected categories will screen as well on an amazing full sized theatrical screen at the Laemmle NoHo 7.

Seating for 220, Your Guests, Cast and Crew will be invited, as well as Top industry professionals, Producers, Distributors, Directors and Actors. We will fill the seats.

There will be a red carpet event with Professional Photographers that will Dropbox the pictures for free, Q&A with all of the filmmakers.

We will record this and give it to you. And an awards presentation where the films will receive their Trophies and certificates.

➨Each film that screens will be Presented your Unique Film God Trophy 1 of 6 Gods on Olympus, Take Photos, and have a filmed Q&A.

➨Each individual Award Winner in all categories receives a Digital Certificate and can get the Film God Trophy 1 of the 6 God Trophies, as well as 7 Different PNG Laurels.

➨ Our Judging panel includes Women, Minorities and Immigrants and is comprised of working Industry professionals as well as non Filmmakers to keep the Judging fair and unbiased, something most film festivals lack.

➨ Networking opportunities at the second annual festival should have top industry professionals: producers, distributors, directors and actors.

➨We have 16 Award Categories. The there are Six winners for Best Feature screenplay and Best Short screenplay that represent 1 of the 6 Gods chosen by our judges.

There will be 6 Winning Best Feature Screenplays and 6 Best Short Screenplays that will be presented their God Of Olympus Trophy Chosen by our Judges for free at the festival.

➨ We are Sponsored by Simple DCP - You will get a discount if we screen your film and we will Pay for the hard drive and delivery.
They create Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) for theatrical exhibition. This is the Standard now if a film plays in a theater.
Simple DCP provides you with the tools and expertise to master your film with confidence.

Rules & Terms

Rules & Eligibility

1.  All Selected films must provide a DCP to screen.

2. All foreign Language Submissions must be subtitled.

3. Olympus does NOT download your film or make it available online.

4. Online screeners, and posters are mandatory and must be uploaded to FilmFreeway’s site.

5. Entry fees are non-refundable.

6. We accept all lengths of films UNDER 180 minutes unless approved by our Staff.

7. We accept films with Prior distribution including VOD and online releases.

8. Festival terms and conditions can change at times.
Please contact us with any questions.